Cornely Driving School Sample Quiz

1) Driving can be affected by:
a) prescription drugs
b) illegal drugs
c) drugs and alcohol
d) all of the above

2) Define BAC.
a) the amount of alcohol a driver drinks
b) how much alcohol a particular drink contains
c) blood alcohol concentration
d) none of the above

3) When communicating with other drivers during the day, it is best to: (2002)?
a) flash your lights
b) wave to them
c) use your horn
d) yell loudly out the window

4) The speed limit in a residential area is:
a) 10 MPH
b) 50 MPH
c) 15 MPH
d) 25 MPH

5) A common mistake for new drivers is:
a) not hitting the brake hard enough
b) speeding
c) hitting the brake too hard
d) none of the above

6) If you park your car up a hill, with curb to your right, which direction should you turn the wheel?
a) left
b) right
c) keep the wheel straight
d) none of the above

7) During what times are drivers who are operating under a special GDL learners permit, not allowed to operate a motor vehicle?
a) 12:01 am to 5:00 am
b) from 11:01 pm to 5:00 am
c) during evening hours
d) none of the above

8) In order to obtain a special learners permit you must:
a) pass a written and eye test
b) be at least 17 years of age
c) pass a vision test only
d) pass a written test, eye test and complete a 6 hour course with a licensed driving school

9) A new vehicle does not need to be re-inspected for how many years?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

10) The Motor Vehicle Commission should be notified if:
a) your name changes
b) you lose your permit to operate a motor vehicle
c) your address changes
d) both a and c

11) An orange triangle sign with a red border means:
a) slow moving vehicle
b) stop immediately
c) yield immediately
d) pedestrian crossing

12) Driving while your license is suspended can result in:
a) one year additional suspension
b) two years in jail
c) two years additional suspension
d) up to a $500.00 fine and 6 months of additional suspension

13) An uncontrolled intersection is:
a) an intersection with a traffic light
b) an intersection with a stop sign
c) an intersection with no markings
d) none of the above

14) When can a driver get a NJ conditional license?
a) if the person is over 21 and takes a driverís ed course
b) if the person is over 18 and takes a driverís education course
c) never
d) if the conditional license is needed for employment reasons

15) If you are approaching an uncontrolled intersection, you must yield to the vehicle:
a) left of you
b) right of you
c) in front of you
d) none of the above

16) If your vehicle goes into a skid, what is the best thing to do?
a) remove your foot from the gas
b) turn your wheel in the direction the rear of the vehicle is going
c) do not brake suddenly during the skid
d) all of the above

17) Blue signs stand for:
a) information
b) caution
c) football complex
d) stopping

18) When you are 21 years of age or older, you are considered under the influence of alcohol if your BAC is:
a) 0.08%
b) 0.01%
c) 0.10%
d) 0.008%

19) A five ounce glass of red wine has the same alcohol content as:
a) two beers
b) 1 and 1/2 ounces of 86 proof liquor
c) a vodka and orange juice
d) none of the above

20) While driving, if your brakes fail to stop the car, you should:
a) shift to a low gear and pump the brakes
b) turn off the roadway
c) hit a parked car that is not occupied
d) turn off the engine and coast to a stop

21) What does DUI mean?
a) driving under the influence of alcohol
b) driving under the influence of drugs
c) driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
d) none of the above

22) A vehicle can have studded snow tires between:
a) October 15 and April 15
b) November 1 and March 1
c) December 31 and March 15
d) November 15 and April 1

23) How far from an intersection should you signal that you are making a right turn?
a) at least 150 ft.
b) at least 100 ft.
c) at least 50 ft.
d) at least 75 ft.

24) If a driver who has a GDL commits and GDL rule (not including moving violations) will be fined:
a) $500.00
b) $300.00
c) $100.00
d) $250.00

25) In order to obtain a provisional license, a driver must:
a) pass a road test
b) be suspension free
c) complete a period of supervised driving for 6 months
d) all of the above

26) What shape is a warning sign?
a) triangle
b) diamond
c) oval
d) square

27) Which of the following can affect your driving?
a) drugs and alcohol
b) illness
c) tiredness
d) all of the above

28) You should only use your high beams:
a) when driving at night
b) when driving in the city
c) when driving in bad weather
d) when driving on country roads with little or no traffic

29) Hydroplaning can cause:
a) braking problems
b) flat tires
c) a vehicle to rise up on a film of water and separating from the pavement
d) engine problems

30) The purpose of a deceleration lane:
a) to slow down when approaching a highway
b) to slow down when leaving a highway
c) to increase speed when approaching a highway
d) to increase speed when leaving a highway

31) How can you lower a high BAC?
a) eating a large meal
b) drinking large amounts of non-alcohol fluids
c) letting time pass
d) drinking coffee or tea

32) A habitual offender is somebody who:
a) gets arrested for a DUI offense
b) gets arrested for drinking and driving twice in a 10 year period
c) has three suspensions in three years
d) has a habit of using alcohol and drugs

33) What is an acceleration lane used for:
a) leaving a highway
b) entering a highway
c) entering a two lane road
d) exiting a parking lot

34) When we drive in the city, we use the ____ second rule.
a) 2
b) 12
c) 5
d) 10

35) In the state of NJ every driver must have what type of insurance?
a) collision
b) liability
c) medical
d) comprehensive

36) As a vehicle enters a curve it tends to:
a) go to the right
b) go to the left
c) go faster
d) go straight

37) What are the three items every licensed driver must have with him or her?
a) valid license,† valid registration, and a valid insurance card
b) a validated permit, valid registration, and a valid insurance card
c) a valid license, a valid inspection sticker, and a valid registration
d) none of the above

38) The colors of a traffic light, from top to bottom are:
a) green, yellow, red
b) red, yellow, green
c) red, green, yellow
d) green, red, yellow

39) If you are convicted of a moving violation, while operating in a construction zone you can:
a) have your fine tripled
b) have your fine doubled
c) loose you driving privileges
d) both a and c

40) If you get a flat tire on a multi-lane road, the best thing to do is:
a) decelerate and turn the wheel into the side of the flat
b) increase your speed and exit the highway safely
c) take your foot off the gas pedal and slowly leave the traveled portion of the roadway
d) stop immediately and fix the flat

41) When a driver holds his arm straight out his window to the left it means he is:
a) stopping
b) turning right
c) turning left
d) smoking a cigarette

42) A vehicle operator's stopping distance depends on:
a) operator's individual reaction time
b) vehicle weight
c) speed
d) all of the above

43) What is the proper hand position for a student driver?
a) on the top part of the steering wheel
b) 2†o'clock and 10 o'clock
c) 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock
d) in a location that makes them feel comfortable

44) We are required to wear a seat belt because they:
a) prevent being thrown from the car during a collision
b) prevent the driver from sliding and losing control of the vehicle
c) keep the front seat occupants from hitting the windshield
d) all of the above

45) If a student driver commits a traffic offense while operating a MV, who's responsibility is it?
a) the student
b) the parent
c) the instructor
d) b and c

46) Drugs and alcohol can affect:
a) vision
b) coordination
c) decision making
d) all of the above

47) What is a good practice when nearing an intersection?
a) speed up just a little so that you don't have to stop
b) try not to hit the dip to fast
c) slow down and be prepared to stop
d) put down your cell phone

48) When do you apply the two second rule?
a) when driving in the dark
b) when operating a motor vehicle in the city
c) when figuring out a safe following distance
d) none of the above

49) You should always yield to:
a) police vehicles
b) fire trucks
c) pedestrians in the cross walk
d) all of the above

50) What road condition has the best chance of causing a vehicle to hydroplane?
a) heavy snow
b) heavy rain
c) light rain that is just starting
d) light snow

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